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Praciticum Opportunities

Goodwill Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NH) Program provides practicum placements for undergraduate and graduate social work students. This agency provides opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of the unique and varied needs of community dwelling older adults, and become familiar with the community agencies who provide many of the necessary services. Students are educated in the Geriatric Social Work Competencies, trained in clinical assessment and evidenced-based practice which builds the necessary skills to work in a variety of setting with older adults.manual

NHN practicum interns include:

  • Biopsychosocial assessments
  • Clinical documentation
  • Weekly client home visits
  • Evidenced-based practice
  • Inter-professional and community rotations
  • Co-facilitate educational and support groups
  • Weekly group supervision
  • Weekly individual supervision
  • Research training
Last Updated: 6/13/24