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Goodwill Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program

The University of Utah College of Social Work Goodwill Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) was established in 1997.  NHN is involved in promoting activities that increase the awareness of societal aging issues, provide service to older adults in the community, educate social work students and collaborate with community partners that will help to improve the quality of life for older adults and their families. It is important for the NHN program to bring together segments of the community to address the unmet needs of community-dwelling older adults to help them remain independent in their own homes and their community.  To accomplish this broad range of tasks, NHN focuses their efforts on education, service, and community collaboration.

handsThe NHN program utilizes applied social work education to fill the gap between public and private services for community-dwelling older adults. Undergraduate and graduate social work practicum students develop and practice preventative, rehabilitative, and support services for older adults under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Practicum students conduct clinical assessments, develop comprehensive individualized care plans, and mobilize networks of community resources to provide the necessary care and service to support independent living for community-dwelling older adults.

Last Updated: 4/14/21