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Adherence to Evidence-Based Practice in Community Treatment: Aggregate Report for LSAA Providers and DORA Sites

Over a two-year period (2015-2017), UCJC conducted evidence-based program evaluations and provided technical assistance to contracted providers serving probationers under Utah’s Drug Offender Reform Act (DORA) and Local Substance Abuse Authority (LSAA) sites. Programs were assessed using the Correctional Program Checklist (CPC), which was developed by the University of…

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Evaluation of the Drug Offender Reform Act (DORA): Pilot Report

DORA offenders received significantly more supervision and treatment than comparison probationers. Predictors of successful probation completion included shorter time from conviction to probation start, community-based supervision, and treatment completion. At the 2010 update, DORA offenders were more likely to successfully . . .

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