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Our faculty are developing innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems to reduce suffering and advance human flourishing.




Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development — CMIIND

The Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development (C-MIIND) was established in May 2017 at the University of Utah with the following mission: develop, test, optimize, and disseminate mindfulness and other integrative health interventions by translating discoveries from basic biobehavioral science into solutions for health and society.

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Utah Criminal Justice Center — UCJC

The Utah Criminal Justice Center is a collaborative partnership between the University of Utah and the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice that supports interdisciplinary research, teaching, and training in the areas of criminal and juvenile justice.

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Social Research Institute — SRI

The Social Research Institute (SRI) provides research, training, and implementation facilitation that assists agencies and programs to provide effective social services to children and adults.

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Individual CSW Faculty Research

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Spafford Endowed Chair

The Belle S. Spafford Endowed Chair is a prestigious position dedicated to improving the lives of women and families in all their configurations. It is one of few academic positions with such a purpose in a school of social work.

The University of Utah College of Social Work recently found an active and accomplished social work scholar to become the next Belle S. Spafford Endowed Chair.


Last Updated: 12/12/23