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C-MIIND aims to exert a transformative influence on healthcare by leveraging discoveries from basic biobehavioral science to develop, optimize, and test mindfulness-based therapies and other integrative health interventions.

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C-MIIND was established in May 2017 at the University of Utah with the following mission:

To develop, test, optimize, and disseminate mindfulness and other integrative health interventions by translating discoveries from basic biobehavioral science into solutions for health and society.

C-MIIND’s research efforts target complex, comorbid, and chronic health and mental health problems (chronic pain, opioid misuse, addiction, depression, etc.) that have not yet been solved by traditional medical approaches.

Dr. Eric Garland

Eric Garland Ph.D., LCSW
Director, C-MIIND


Last Updated: 10/31/23