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Piloting Utah’s Response and Incentive Matrix: Results from Staff and Stakeholder Surveys

UCJC conducted an evaluation (2015) of the Response and Incentive Matrix (RIM) developed to respond to compliance with and/or violations of Utah probationers' and parolees' supervision conditions. The tool was created by a committee that included representatives from the Utah Sentencing Commission, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) . . .

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Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice and Utah Department of Corrections Evidence-Based Practice Adherence Summary Report

To help support the Utah Justice Reinvestment Initiative, Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice asked UCJC to conduct a 2-year evaluation (2013-2015) of Utah’s treatment programs in both their prison and jails state-wide on their adherence to Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) and provide ongoing quality improvement technical assistance.

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Prisoner Reentry Project

UCJC conducted a two-year study (2014-2015) of Utah reentry practices. This study complements the earlier literature review and survey of Utah reentry practices and is comprised of two parts. Part I provides a quantitative description for a cohort of Utah parolees. Part II includes a qualitative analysis of offenders’ experiences . . .

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