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Research Reports

Family Employment Program

In fall 2011, the Social Research Institute (SRI) of the University of Utah’s College of Social Work partnered with Utah’s Department of Workforce Services (DWS) to conduct a longitudinal study of new FEP participants beginning their experience with cash assistance, following a significant redesign of the FEP program.

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Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice and Utah Department of Corrections Evidence-Based Practice Adherence Summary Report

To help support the Utah Justice Reinvestment Initiative, Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice asked UCJC to conduct a 2-year evaluation (2013-2015) of Utah’s treatment programs in both their prison and jails state-wide on their adherence to Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) and provide ongoing quality improvement technical assistance.

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Evaluation of Early Case Resolution

In 2012-2014 UCJC conducted an evaluation of the Utah Third District Court's Early Case Resolution (ECR) Court pilot program. ECR's purpose was to identify lower-level cases that were eligible for expedited processing in order to increase the speed of processing for all cases filed in the 3rd District Court . . .

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TANF Rapid Rehousing Evaluation

The purpose of this report is to provide data to inform the content of the Request for Grants (RFG) through which DWS will be soliciting proposals from community entities to provide rapid rehousing and homeless prevention services to TANF eligible families.

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