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Treatment for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: A Review of the Literature

This review (2016-2017) examines extant research on the impact of treatment in reducing criminal recidivism among adult male Interpersonal Violence (IPV) perpetrators. The review yielded a total of 95 articles, including: 28 studies on the efficacy of the primary modalities; five studies on coordinated criminal justice responses; 40 studies on…

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A Review of Brief Risk Assessment Tools Validated for use in Correctional Settings

Conducting structured risk assessments with offenders is valuable but expensive. Brief risk assessments are less time- and resource-intensive but can allow criminal justice entities to determine which individuals are low-risk vs which should receive a comprehensive risk assessment. In UCJC's 2014-2015 study, we evaluated brief instruments that predict general and violent recidivism, failure to appear, and technical violations. . .

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Impact of an Early Intervention Mandate: The Juvenile Sentencing Guidelines and Intermediate Sanctions in Utah

In 1997 the State of Utah initiated an ambitious early intervention program that uniquely combined sentencing reform and graduated sanctions in an...

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