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Utah and Montana GenLEX Initiative

In June 2012, Utah’s Department of Workforce Services (DWS), in partnership with Montana’s Department of Labor, was awarded a Workforce Innovation Fund Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to carry out the consortium’s “Next Generation Labor Exchange (GenLEX)” initiative.

In the fall of 2012, the University of Utah’s Social Research Institute (SRI) was awarded the contract to serve as the third party evaluator. This included providing a research design and statistical analysis for evaluation of three sets of LEX test components introduced through the GenLEX project.

The primary research questions presented by the GenLEX project that this evaluation attempts to answer, as appropriate to Utah and Montana, include:

  1. Does the introduction of the GenLEX project test components result in improved outcomes (percentage of job seekers acquiring new employment, employee labor market attachment, and quarterly wages) for job seekers using the system? In Utah, where the LEX data and means tested program participation data are collocated in DWS, are there any significant differences in the outcomes listed in Question 1 for those who have used means tested assistance programs? 
  2. Do test components result in increased usage of the LEX by employers in the state as measured by employer website activity, number of non-mediated job orders to labor exchange, and weekly count of employers using LEX? 
  3. As each group of test components is added, what is the marginal effect of each group of components on the outcomes listed in Questions 1 and 2? )
  4. What is the level of customer satisfaction among job seekers and employers using the LEX and do these levels of satisfaction increase as additional test components are introduced? 
  5. Was the intervention implemented as intended to the targeted recipients? 
  6. What factors (external or internal) acted to support or frustrate efforts to implement the test components as intended to the targeted recipients?

Read the reports that came from this project:

Utah and Montana GenLEX Initiative Report Final Report (Dec. 2016)

Utah and Montana GenLEX Initiative Report Year Three (Jan. 2016)

Utah and Montana GenLEX Initiative Report Year Two (Dec. 2014)

Utah's GenLEX Initiative Annual Report Year One - Baseline (April 2014)




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