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Global cultural and public health challenges: The impact of conflict on healthcare in the Rhino Camp refugee settlements Uganda.

This research was conducted in the refugee camps in the West Nile region of Uganda in the Rhino Camp Refugee Settlements. The objective was a pilot mixed methods assessment of the challenges that refugee and host communities face, and the challenges placed on the healthcare systems of the host country of Uganda.

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The influence of community violence and protective factors on asthma morbidity and healthcare utilization in high-risk children

We examined the longitudinal effects of community risk and protective factors on asthma morbidity and healthcare utilization. Three hundred urban caregivers of children with poorly controlled asthma were enrolled in a randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a behavioral/educational intervention and completed measures of exposure to community violence (ECV), social cohesion (SC), informal social control (ISC), child asthma control, child asthma symptom days/nights, and healthcare utilization.

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