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Evaluation of the Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) Program

UCJC conducted a study (2013-2014) to evaluate the effectiveness of the HOST program. The HOST program's original purpose was to bring Salt Lake City, Utah police officers and community outreach workers together to identify homeless individuals who frequently panhandle or engage in other types of public nuisance activities in the downtown area and to connect them to community resources.

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Evaluation of the Housing Support and Stability Project (HSSP)

UCJC conducted an evaluation (2014-2015) to determine whether a program conducted by The Road Home (TRH) increased housing stability, access to mental health treatment, and quality of life. TRH's program, the Housing Support and Stability Project (HSSP), was developed to address existing gaps in services by providing substance abuse and mental health treatment . . .

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Evaluation of the Homeless Assistance Rental Program (HARP): A Follow-Up Study

A follow-up study to their 2007 HARP evaluation, UCJC found that HARP has continued to fulfill its goals of diverting clients from jail and residential treatment into supportive housing. Compared to a similar supportive housing program, HARP has served a more criminal justice and treatment-involved population . . .

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