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TANF Rapid Rehousing Evaluation

The purpose of this report is to provide data to inform the content of the Request for Grants (RFG) through which DWS will be soliciting proposals from community entities to provide rapid rehousing and homeless prevention services to TANF eligible families.

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Palmer Court Employment Pilot

Utah’s most aggressive effort to end chronic homelessness and reduce overall homelessness started in 2004. Although “Housing First” guides the plan, providing employment and work readiness activities was part of this vision. Beginning in 2010, plans were developed to provide supported employment opportunities for formerly chronically homeless individuals. Palmer Court, a permanent supportive housing (PSH) facility with both single adults and families, was selected as the employment pilot test site.

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Evaluation of the Homeless Assistance Rental Program (HARP): A Follow-Up Study

A follow-up study to their 2007 HARP evaluation, UCJC found that HARP has continued to fulfill its goals of diverting clients from jail and residential treatment into supportive housing. Compared to a similar supportive housing program, HARP has served a more criminal justice and treatment-involved population . . .

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