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Autonomic and affective mediators of the relationship between mindfulness and opioid craving among chronic pain patients.

Prescription opioid misuse among chronic pain patients is undergirded by self-regulatory deficits, affective distress, and opioid-cue reactivity. Dispositional mindfulness has been associated with enhanced self-regulation, lower distress, and adaptive autonomic responses following drug-cue exposure.

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Emotion dysregulation as a transdiagnostic mechanism of opioid misuse and suicidality among chronic pain patients

Chronic pain is a prevalent condition that causes functional impairment and emotional suffering. To allay pain-induced suffering, opioids are often prescribed for chronic pain management. Yet, chronic pain patients on opioid therapy are at heightened risk for opioid misuse—behaviors that can lead to addiction and overdose. Relatedly, chronic pain patients are at elevated risk for suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviors.

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Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Video Game Addiction in Emerging Adults: Preliminary Findings from Case Reports

Video game addiction is increasingly prevalent in emerging adults and is associated with physical and psychosocial impairments. However, few evidence-based treatments for video game addiction have been identified or evaluated. Mindfulness treatment is effective for substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, and may be a promising intervention for video game addiction.

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Enhancing natural reward responsiveness among opioid users predicts relief from chronic pain: An analysis of EEG data from a trial of Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement.

Although opioid-treated chronic pain patients evidence blunted responsiveness to natural rewards, focusing on naturally rewarding stimuli can produce analgesia in these patients. A prior randomized controlled trial (RCT) demonstrated that a social work intervention—Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE)...

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