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Seeking Refuge: An Exploration of Unaccompanied Women, Minors from Somalia and Families from Pakistan Experiences of Services in Bangkok, Thailand

The number of unprotected urban refugees in Bangkok has grown over the past few years with new migrations of young women, men and families from Somalia and Pakistan. An urban environment can mean opportunity for some but for many the environment can increase vulnerability to exploitation and detention.

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Attitudes toward Traditional Marriage: A Comparison of TANF Recipients and a General Population of Adults

Marriage enhancement programs enacted under the federal Healthy Marriage Initiative imply that marriage behaviors and attitudes of poor women are different from those of the middle class, and that the cash assistance program is an appropriate venue to change these attitudes. A population of long-term recipients of public cash assistance and a random sample of general population adults were compared regarding views toward traditional marriage.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences, Depression and Mental Health Barriers to Work among Low-Income Women

Recent research has connected childhood abuse to decreased physical and mental health for low-income women in Utah. Further, mental health has established a link to employment problems. This study conducted a secondary analysis of data collected from individuals accessing public assistance to investigate the relationships among retrospective self-reports of childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse and prospective indicators of mental health and mental health barriers to work.

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