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Pretrial Release Risk Study, Validation, Scoring: Final Report

UCJC conducted a study to validate the Salt Lake Pretrial Risk Instrument (SLPRI) being piloted by Salt Lake County to determine which items are significantly related to pretrial risk (as measured by FTA and recidivism). The study measures construct validity, whether the tool measures the concept it was intended to measure . . .

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Evaluation of Oxbow and Re-Entry

The Salt Lake County Division of Criminal Justice Services (CJS) asked UCJC to evaluate the CATS drug treatment program at Oxbow and Re-entry services through Criminal Justice Services (CJS). The Oxbow Jail, which re-opened in July 2009, provides a “therapeutic campus” to expand education and rehabilitation programs . . .

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Evaluation of the Drug Offender Reform Act (DORA): Pilot Report

DORA offenders received significantly more supervision and treatment than comparison probationers. Predictors of successful probation completion included shorter time from conviction to probation start, community-based supervision, and treatment completion. At the 2010 update, DORA offenders were more likely to successfully . . .

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