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Crisis Responder & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Rate of Pay: $60,000-$70,000/annually

Job Description:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Southern Utah University is accepting applications for an after-hours Crisis Responder and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. This position is primarily open to individuals who are independently licensed or can quickly become independently licensed in Utah. Provisionally licensed individuals who have completed their graduate degree in a clinical mental health field may be considered if they are a good fit for the work. CAPS has a strong commitment to multicultural approaches and a social justice orientation. We are looking for a clinician with the awareness, knowledge and skills required to work effectively with a diverse clientele and to enhance CAPS mission.

Who we are:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is designed to deliver effective mental health counseling and consultation services specifically for the college student population. CAPS accomplishes this through understanding, supporting, educating, and advocating for students. We ally with students to better understand themselves, develop psychological skills, create and maintain meaningful and satisfying relationships, improve academic performance, and make satisfying career and life choices which contribute to life-long well-being. We believe all people have equal intrinsic value and will engage and thrive in a community where they feel safe, respected and experience a sense of belonging.

Please see CAPS' website to learn more about the center's services and staff,

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Crisis Responder is an after-hours 10-month position. This position provides direct clinical care in the field as a co-responder and as part of the SUU Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (SUU MCOT). This team is designed to efficiently assess risk and safety concerns for students experiencing emotional and psychological distress. At times, duties will include providing a variety of direct services along with offering appropriate referrals to clinically-indicated services. These services may include:

  1. Consultation.
  2. Immediate support.
  3. Collaboration with the MCOT team and other campus partners.
  4. Follow-up counseling and assessment services.
  5. Facilitating occasional voluntary or involuntary hospitalization for students.
  6. In addition, other clinical services may be provided such as group therapy, support groups, short-term therapy, workshops, and outreach presentations.
  7. The position will work closely with University Housing, the Dean of Students Office, the Student Outreach and Support Office, and the SUU Police Department.
  8. The position will also interface frequently with the SUU community to provide consultation, debriefing services, and evidenced-based crisis intervention trainings to students, faculty, and staff.
  9. Applicants will be evaluated for their ability and experience to manage crisis situations in the context of a higher education environment.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Minimum Required Qualifications:

  1. The successful candidate must be licensed as a clinical social worker, psychologist, clinical mental health counselor, or marriage and family therapist in the State of Utah.
  2. Experience and aptitude to be an effective crisis responder and counselor with individuals and groups in significant distress.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Previous training and experience in a college mental health setting, preferably in a student counseling center.
  2. Experience with managing crisis situations, completing risk assessments, and creating plans to address risks to safety.
  3. Experience providing prevention and psychoeducational outreach, preferably to a college student population.
  4. Interest and/or experience collaborating with other departments or offices on multidisciplinary teams.
  5. Demonstrated social justice practice through critical self-reflection, training, humility, collaboration, and supervision.
  6. A demonstrated commitment to a multicultural and social justice approach.
  7. Well-developed counseling and clinical supervision skills.
  8. Demonstrated skill in working well under pressure to prioritize and manage complex clinical situations.
  9. Experience with group therapy, support groups, short-term therapy, workshops, and outreach presentations.
  10. A collaborative spirit of warmth, acceptance, honesty, and respect towards colleagues.
  11. A self-motivated, self-directed clinician committed to high professional ideals.
  12. Excellent oral and written communication skills with attention to best-practice in professional documentation.

Working Conditions:

  1. This position requires primarily afternoon and evening work with on-call responsibilities extending to some weekends and holidays.
  2. On-call responsibilities will be shared among the after-hours program's clinicians.
  3. Work will typically take place in the campus counseling offices, university housing, and possibly other locations on campus.
  4. The health and safety of the clinicians is very important to us. This clinician will have back-up support as needed.

Please click here for more information or to apply.

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