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Job Opportunities

Crisis Worker

Employees in this position are responsible for responding to crisis cases by providing diagnostic assessment, crisis intervention therapy, mobilization of internal and external resources, establishing appropriate stabilization and disposition of each case and referral for follow-up care.

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Intake Worker

Intake Workers will be responsible for the implementation of an efficient Department of Workforce Services TANF eligibility determination system serving the incoming clients of shelters, the input of a clean and cohesive data into Client Track, under the direction of the Data Administrator and the Housing Director.

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Housing Diversion Worker

The diversion worker will assess clients for diversion services, working to prevent homelessness for people seeking shelter by identifying immediate alternate housing arrangements and, if necessary, connect them with services and financial assistance to help them return to permanent housing.

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Refugee VISTA

The VISTA will focus on two main areas: 1) Building refugee parent engagement infrastructure and 2) Refining and expanding volunteer management systems that will target refugee student academic outcomes in order to bring refugee families out of poverty

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Youth Advocate

At Volunteers of America, Utah’s Youth Resource Center, interact with youth to create a safe, nurturing environment that will offer stability, encourage self-sufficiency, and independence.

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Last Updated: 5/28/19