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Licensed School Therapist

Valley Behavioral Health is a group of nonprofit programs located in the Inter-mountain West. Based in Salt Lake City, Valley focuses on technology, evidence-based practices, and data collection and analysis to ensure the best treatment for behavioral health, addiction, psychiatric conditions, autism, and other chronic health conditions.

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Crisis Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The Crisis Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.) will provided behavioral health services to individuals residing in South Salt Lake’s new Men’s Resource Center operated by The Road Home. The agency’s approach is Trauma-Informed and adheres to a Housing First perspective.

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Addiction and Mental Health Therapist

Apply your clinical skills with a diverse team of client-centered professionals, practice learning and skills with areas you may or may not be familiar with, regularly receive training in the various models that we focus on delivering in treatment, and regularly receive in-service training with the various departments to further promote optimum care and consistent standard of quality to our client population.

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Job Opportunities

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Last Updated: 5/28/19