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Mountainland Participation Pilot Study

In Spring 2005, the Mountainland region of the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) piloted a project with the purpose of increasing participation by improving Mountainland region service delivery and focusing on outcomes. The pilot is designed “to improve the helping relationship and negotiate participation.” 

To accomplish the goals of the Participation Pilot, all employment counselors received extensive training in the new procedures. Employment counselors were provided structure for placing customers in one of four tracks: assessment, fast track, skill building and social security. Employment counselors were given up to 90 days to assess the appropriate track for the customer. Once placed in a track, the pilot calls for frequent re-assessment to note progress, aggressive problem solving to support forward movement and the celebration of success to reinforce even small accomplishments.

The Social Research Institute (SRI) was chosen to assist in evaluating the Participation Pilot. The first step of evaluation consisted of feedback from employment counselors in order to learn from the experiences of front-line workers during the early stages of implementation. This input would be gathered through a confidential online survey and two feedback sessions.

Study results were submitted in the Initial Evaluation Report. Significant findings included a generally positive experience of the initial implementation of the participation pilot. Workers appreciated tools that helped both them and their customers track progress and move toward program goals. Newer workers were the most positive toward the pilot. They also suggested improvements to the process.

Leadership from the Mountainland region used this information to develop additional training for agency staff, which they delivered in early 2006. Several other “next steps” were discussed, including follow-up surveys with both DWS workers and customers. This reports presents the findings of the follow-ups surveys and the overall summary of the Mountainland Participation Pilot.


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