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State of the science: Interprofessional approaches to aging, dementia, and mental health.

Farrell, T., Luptak, M., Supiano, K., Pacala, J., & De Lisser, R. (2018). State of the science:  Interprofessional approaches to aging, dementia, and mental health. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 66(S1), S40-S47.

  • Geriatrics health care professionals have long championed innovations in interprofessional education (IPE) and patient care. There is, however, increased urgency to address challenges in aging, dementia, and geriatric mental health in America. In recent years, health professions educators and health systems leaders have increasingly recognized that IPE should be integrally linked with, and performed within, emerging models of team-based, value-driven health care. In this way, IPE will align with learning health care systems’ pursuit of the Quadruple Aim: improving patient experience, provider experience, the health of populations, and per capita health care costs. Backed by decades of developing effective team care models and the skill set needed to provide care to older adults with complex needs, geriatrics health care providers from multiple disciplines are uniquely positioned to lead learning health care systems in a new effort to develop, implement, and sustain IPE and practice models congruent with these Aims. The authors provide recommendations for health professions educators, health care systems leaders, and policymakers to realize the potential of IPE and interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP) to improve the health of all Americans in aging, dementia, and mental health.


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