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For the first year of the CRMRI’s research activities, we have focused on community-driven projects in Utah. These projects include:

  • Evaluating a federally-funded childcare project (Salt Lake County’s Office of New Americans)
  • Evaluating Welcoming Salt Lake Initiative (Salt Lake County’s Office of New Americans)
  • Determining components of successful integration (Catholic Community Services)
  • Creating a Community-Scholar Initiative (University of Utah’s Office of the Vice President for Research)
  • Co-sponsoring a transformational excellence program proposal for hiring new faculty across departments (Department of Sociology at the University of Utah)
  • Submitting a grant proposal for National Institutes of Health to develop research integrity workshops with campus and community partners
  • Creating a response to a call for proposals to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to capitalize on the strengths of refugee communities in the integration process promoting health and mental wellness
  • Creating a response to a call for proposals to the Gates Foundation to assess community needs for family planning in settings that include refugee camps and after resettlement in the United States
  • Submitting a grant proposal to the National Institutes of Justice for assessing housing needs for people who are victims of human trafficking
  • Submitting a grant proposal for educating University of Utah students about different perspectives that should be considered during the refugee resettlement experience and how these apply to research and policy development
  • Re-submitting a proposal for an ethnographic project on the integration needs of women and men of refugee backgrounds to the National Science Foundation
  • Co-sponsoring two symposia (in Finland and Germany) to gain a clearer understanding of how refugee resettlement and integration are managed in Europe
  • Sponsored a one-day symposium at the University of Utah to determine the trends and needs of community partners for research on issues related to refugee resettlement
  • Sponsoring monthly “lunch and learn” discussions, where researchers, community partners, and members of refugee communities can learn about the work of the featured researcher for that month

We have been developing our outreach activities, and have obtained a grant from the Michael Foundation to support an initiative to invite junior high and high school students from refugee and immigrant backgrounds to the University of Utah to experience the campus. We are supporting initiatives with our community partners, Latinos in Action, International Rescue Committee, and Millcreek Rotary Club, to ensure the success of these visits. Further, we held a community discussion about the impact of the Executive Order on Refugees, to understand legal, practice, and research perspectives

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