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Elementary School Social Worker

This is a grant position for the next 18 months. Under the direction of the school principal, the School Social Worker assesses student and family needs (e.g. financial, medical, behavioral, mental, physical, etc.) for the purpose of developing and implementing individualized plans of services to support educational objectives.

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Licensed School Therapist

Valley Behavioral Health is a group of nonprofit programs located in the Inter-mountain West. Based in Salt Lake City, Valley focuses on technology, evidence-based practices, and data collection and analysis to ensure the best treatment for behavioral health, addiction, psychiatric conditions, autism, and other chronic health conditions.

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Conduct psycho-social family evaluations and mental health evaluations in English and Spanish; enter client narrative into a report as the interview is developing, administer questionnaires; then use interview draft, questionnaires’ results and diagnostic tools to finish a formal write-up, that includes a summary, recommendations, client narrative, clinical assessment and diagnoses, as needed.

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