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Attendance Prevention Specialist

Starting pay: Between 29.00 and $32.00 an hour, depending on experience.

When the Specialist uses his/her private vehicle for District business, the reimbursement rate is $0.67 per mile.  

Job Status: The position is part-time to start (flexible, up to 29 hours a week). If the hired person desires it, the job could move to full-time (with full benefits) upon director approval.

Office location: 2500 So.; Rm. D-123;  State Street; Salt Lake City, Utah

Duties: Helping individuals and families overcome barriers that negatively impact their student’s regular school attendance. These barriers may include physical health, mental health, financial, transportation, parenting, or other issues. In conjunction with this, the attendance specialist will also work with school staff and, occasionally,  Juvenile Court to achieve the same goal.

The specialist can do some interventions with the families themselves, as appropriate, and, otherwise, link the clients to community resources to help them resolve whatever issues they have that relate to the child’s not attending school regularly.

For those interested in applying for this position, please contact Dennis Gale.

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Last Updated: 3/27/24