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Millcreek Promise Volunteer


Bud Bailey Apartments, located at 3790 South Main Street, is home to market rate tenants, as well as immigrant families, formerly homeless youth, and elderly/retired folks. The resident community is diverse and vibrant. Its members contribute to Millcreek in all sorts of ways: as entrepreneurs, part of the workforce, parents, students, and taxpayers.

On-site English as a Second Language (“ESL”) classes are conducted for tenants who want to learn or improve their English every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:30-11AM in Building C of the Complex. The ESL students are typically stay at home parents with young children below school age. Millcreek Promise seeks to initiate a twice-weekly child care program on site, in Building C, at no charge to residents, so that those attending class can focus on class work. Learning English will undoubtedly make these adults more secure and able to prosper in our community.

If this is a volunteer opportunity of interest to you, please contact Millcreek Promise to sign up.

The Details

A Team Approach: volunteers will work together, in teams of 2 persons

The children: infants to children aged 5. (Currently 6 children, with the potential to grow, at which point more volunteers will be added.)

Diapering/Toileting/Snacks: No diaper changes or trips to the bathroom on the part of volunteers…if those needs arise, parents will be summoned from class. No snack will be served, to avoid choking and food allergy questions. Care will be provided in a gated environment.

Lesson plans/Activity rotations: Volunteers will not need to create activities to engage the children. Lesson plans, supplies & age-appropriate toys/games provided.

Timing: volunteer for one or two sessions per week, on Tuesday and/or Thursday, as frequently as you would like. Arrive at Bud Bailey by 9:15 AM and conclude by 11:45 AM

Substitutes: Millcreek Promise will set/manage the volunteer schedule. If a volunteer cannot make a scheduled session, it will be their responsibility to give Millcreek Promise advance notice

On site management will always be present during childcare

Criminal background check: must be successfully completed by all volunteers. Millcreek Promise/SL Housing Connect can help with the process of completing the background check

Age: Volunteers must be 18+ years of age (or if a minor wishes to volunteer, they must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian)

Commitment: 3 months minimum preferred

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Last Updated: 4/4/24