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Utah Cost of Crime

Study Dates: 2011 – ongoing Study Description: This project examines the economic and behavioral consequences of corrections-based interventions for reducing criminal recidivism. The research team conducted a systematic review of the extant research on adult and juvenile interventions in eight program areas. Research findings were synthesized across studies through the use of meta-analysis, wherein the results of multiple primary studies were statistically combined into a single metric. This metric, or overall effect size, is a standardized measure of the magnitude of an intervention on criminal behavior. In the final project, program effect sizes will be combined with cost data in order to calculate cost-benefit ratios for the various programs. The following reports detail the results of the systematic review and meta-analysis for the following programs: cognitive-behavioral therapies; drug court; electronic monitoring; intensive supervision; mental health court; sex offender treatment; and therapeutic communities for substance-abusing offenders.

Technical Reports

Adult Programs

    Education/Vocation Programs for Adult Offenders     Intensive Supervision for Adult Offenders     Mental Health Court for Adult Offenders     Treatment for Adult Sex Offenders     Therapeutic Communities in Secure Settings for Substance-abusing Adult Offenders     Adult Drug Court     Cognitive-behavioral Therapy for Adult Offenders

Juvenile Programs

    Therapeutic Communities in Secure Settings for Substance-abusing Juvenile Offenders     Cognitive-behavioral Therapy for Juvenile Offenders     Juvenile Drug Court     Intensive Supervision for Juvenile Offenders     Sex Offender Treatment for Juvenile Offenders
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