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Evaluation of Shifting Gears with Shakespeare

Study Dates: 2011 Study Description: The Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) asked the Utah Criminal Justice Center (UCJC) to evaluate the Shifting Gears with Shakespeare (SGS) program that was implemented at the Summit County Jail (SCJ) at the beginning of 2010. CCJJ funded the implementation of SGS at SCJ with two cohorts of inmates. In February/March 2010 a female cohort of inmates participated in SGS and in April 2010 a male cohort of inmates participated in SGS. The curriculum was originally designed to consist of 16 2-hour sessions across an eight (8) week period. Due to time constraints at SCJ and the concern that inmates would not be incarcerated for the entire length of the program, it was condensed into 3.5-hour sessions three (3) times per week over three (3) weeks. UCJC was tasked with identifying and developing a pre/post test to measure SGS participant changes, identifying an appropriate comparison group of SCJ inmates, and analyzing post-SGS recidivism for one year following jail release.

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