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Evaluation of Pretrial Services: Final Report

Study Dates: 2010

Study Description: This study examined pretrial releases (PTR) in Salt Lake County and found that failure to appear (FTA) rates ranged from 20% (for those released to Pretrial Supervision (PTS) at CJS) to 43% for those released on overcrowding (OCR) from the jail. PTR Recidivism rates ranged from 7% (Own Recognizance (OR) releases and Day Reporting Center (DRC) releases) to 15% (OCR). After controlling for individual significant risk factors (e.g., jail history, PTR history, current booking type, homelessness, etc.), groups who were supervised during pretrial release (PTS, ordered to PTS (PTS), bail/bond (BB)) had better outcomes than those not supervised (OR, OCR).

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