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Treating Offenders with Mental Illness: A Review of the Literature

Study Dates: Spring 2012 Study Description: The purpose of this report is to review recent research articles, governmental reports, and other publications related to the treatment of adult and juvenile offenders with serious mental illness within the criminal justice system. The first section of this report discusses the prevalence rates of offenders with mental illness and the relationship between mental illness and criminal conduct. The second section introduces a framework for the treatment of offenders with mental illness. The third section details research findings on existing interventions and treatment programs at points of contact within the criminal and juvenile justice system, including arrest, booking, court, incarceration, and probation and parole. This section also reviews interventions and programs for youthful and adult offenders in community and institutional settings in addition to research on cost effectiveness. The report concludes with best practice recommendations for managing and treating mentally ill offenders in the criminal and juvenile justice system.

Executive Summary

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