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Collaboration and Evidence-Based Practices: Utah State Office of Education and Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Study Dates: 2014

Study Description: To enhance the collaboration work in the State of Utah, UCJC began working with the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) and the Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) in January 2013. This partnership allows the State of Utah to construct a collaboration roadmap for the sustainable implementation and replication of evidence-based practice (EBP) within youth in custody schools statewide, particularly schools housed in secure settings.

As part of this endeavor, the UCJC has evaluated the current status of collaboration efforts across five local secure facilities. This report represents the results of that evaluation. The findings that are summarized in this retrospective evaluation will later be used to guide the development of a dynamic plan for the USOE and UDJJS as both agencies continue to build capacity toward sustainable collaboration implementation across the State. Ultimately, the collaboration roadmap will provide administration from both agencies with a framework to diagnose and continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration efforts and EBP implementation.

Please contact Jenn Loeffler-Cobia in regards to the “Collaboration and Evidence-Based Practices:  Juvenile Justice Services Education Providers Working Together Instructors Manuel”.

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