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Evaluation of a continuing education training on client financial capability


The researchers conducted an evaluation study assessing outcomes among 37 social workers who completed a continuing education course on financial capability and working with clients. Key constructs assessed included participants’ attitudes about financial capability, self-efficacy to provide services, organizational barriers, and basic financial knowledge. Social work participants reported that financial problems among their clients were almost unanimous as a reason for seeking services. Organizational barriers, such as lack of time and access to staff with financial knowledge, prevented social workers from providing client financial services.

At follow-up, social workers reported improved personal financial knowledge and behaviors. Suggestions for future research and improving social work continuing education and integrating financial capability into the social work curriculum in academic settings are suggested.


Frey, J.J., Svoboda, D., Sander, R.L., Osteen, P.J., Callahan, C., and Elkinson, A. (2015). Evaluation of a Continuing Education Training on Client Financial Capability, Journal of Social Work Education, 51(3), pp. 439-456, DOI: 10.1080/10437797.2015.1043195

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Last Updated: 12/12/23