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The impact of a child's cancer on the father's relationship with his spouse in Korea.

A father of a child with cancer experiences psychological stress related to his child’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, which may affect his relationship with his spouse. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid to how having a child with cancer affects the marital relationship from the perspective of the father.

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The effects of individual- and network-level factors on discussion of cancer experiences: Survivors of childhood cancer in Korea.

This study aimed to identify young adult Korean cancer survivors' individual- (psychological distress, stigma, sociodemographic variables, and cancer-related variables) and network-level factors (relationship type, social support type) that influence discussion of their cancer experiences. Sixty-eight survivors of childhood cancer who were recruited...

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Why did I get cancer? Perceptions of childhood cancer survivors in Korea.

This study explored whether and how childhood cancer survivors in Korea ask and resolve the question of what may have caused their cancer. Thirty-one childhood cancer survivors participated in in-depth interviews about their self-questioning process in this regard.

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Last Updated: 5/30/19