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The effects of individual- and network-level factors on discussion of cancer experiences: Survivors of childhood cancer in Korea

This study aimed to identify young adult Korean cancer survivors' individual- (psychological distress, stigma, sociodemographic variables, and cancer-related variables) and network-level factors (relationship type, social support type) that influence discussion of their cancer experiences. Sixty-eight survivors of childhood cancer who were recruited using snowball sampling nominated 245 individuals from their networks, including family and intimate partners (40%) and friends and acquaintances (60%), as people with whom they most frequently interacted.

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Impact of childhood abuse and neglect on substance abuse and psychological distress in adulthood

Structural equation modeling was used to examine the relationship of childhood trauma, educational level, and the use of avoidant coping on substance abuse and psychological distress in a community sample of 285 women. Results indicated that self‐reported childhood trauma was significantly related to greater substance abuse and psychological distress, through educational attainment and avoidant coping strategies.

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