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Advanced Standing MSW Program in St. George  

(BSW graduates only)

Application Deadline

The next Advanced Standing MSW Program in St. George will begin in May 2021, with applications due January 15, 2021.

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This program is located at the University of Utah St. George Graduate Center and courses are delivered via interactive broadcast





Credit Hours




1 Area of Focus

  Mental Health in Social Work


Note: Courses are subject to change.


Summer Semester

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
SW 6040 DSM 3.0
SW 6200 Bridge - Practice 3.0
SW 6121 Bridge - Reflexive 1.0
  Electives  8.0

Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
SW 6220 Diversity & Social Justice: Reflexive & Ethical SW Practice II 3.0
  Advanced Practice I in Area of Focus 3.0
  Electives and/or Advanced Practice I outside Area of Focus and/or other  
  Area of Focus requirements 5.0
SW 6521 Advanced Field Practicum I 4.0


Spring Semester

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
  Advanced Practice II in Area of Focus 3.0
  Electives and/or Advanced Practice II outside Area of Focus and/or other Area of Focus requirements  
  Area of Focus requirements 8.0
SW 6521 Advanced Field Practicum I  4.0


Note: During the Advanced Standing Orientation and Area of Focus meeting, Advanced Standing students will receive information on all Areas of Focus and graduate certificates to help inform their choice(s) for their second year program of study. This meeting is held in January preceding their beginning semester. Students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours to graduate.

Students must also take a Practice class outside their Area of Focus either fall or spring semester in addition to their required Area of Focus courses. Students must receive a grade of C+ or better in all required classes to go on to the next class in any sequential series of classes (e.g.SW 6401/6402) and must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA in order to be in good academic standing. 



Students who have earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) in the last seven years (by the application deadline). Applicants who have earned a BSW degree more than 7 years ago are required to apply for either the two year full-time or three year part-time program. BSW graduates who apply to other programs cannot have any first year MSW coursework waived. The BSW degree (including practicum) and all prerequisite classes must be completed before the first day of MSW classes and verified through official transcripts to the Graduate Admissions office (degree) and the MSW office (prerequisite classes).


Only students with a BSW are eligible to apply to Advanced Standing MSW Programs. Because this is a requirement set forth by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), exceptions to this requirement cannot be waived under any circumstances.

Only the Health and Mental Health Areas of Focus are available for students in the St. George cohorts. This does not limit the areas in which students can fulfill their practicum requirements.

This program begins summer 2021. Summer semester typically begins the third week of May.

Days of the week in which summer semester courses are held vary by year, though they are all generally during the day. To get an idea, you can see the most recent summer course schedule.
During fall and spring semesters, courses are typically held on Thursday and Friday days. The 600 hour fieldwork requirement is completed on the other weekdays, up to 19 hours a weeks. The majority of practicum placements are during normal business hours, though some agencies may have more flexible hours.


Detailed COurse Schedule

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