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Areas of Focus

The MSW Program at the University of Utah provides a specialization in advanced generalist practice. “Advanced generalist practice refers to the practice of a master social worker who possesses advanced competencies in multilevel, multimethod approaches and is equipped to work independently in complex environments that may require specialized skill sets” (Hernandez, 2013). Through this program, students will develop advanced skills in leadership, collaboration, administration, advocacy, assessment, problem-solving, intervention, cultural humility, communication, collaboration, community building, program evaluation, organizational management, policy analysis and scientific inquiry through the lens of an area of focus. The integration of advanced practice skills helps students achieve proficiency in a wide range of interventions, skills, roles, theories, systems and settings. Advanced coursework in the area of focus provides preparation for a social work career in a variety of sub-specialties including clinical social work.

About Areas of Focus

Prior to beginning the one-year program for Advanced Standing students or the second year of the two-year program for two-year students, MSW students must choose one area of focus from the seven available and may choose a graduate certificate. However, some programs are limited to one area of focus. Students wishing to complete an area of focus and a graduate certificate must obtain approval from the chair of the certificate program.

Last Updated: 10/9/23