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Students Write to Address Crucial Social Issues

 A photo taken over the shoulder of an older man sitting in a chair reading a newspaperEach year, as an assignment for SW 6240 – Social Policies, Master of Social Work students are required to thoughtfully craft an advocacy op-ed on a subject of their choosing, then submit it to a news outlet for possible publication.  The experience is valuable in helping students think through how to articulate and argument regarding a range of societal concerns. 

“Op-eds are an excellent way to bring attention to important political matters and to share experiences and new ideas that readers might not have otherwise considered,” explained associate professor and 6240 instructor Liz Siantz.  “I am so proud of these students.  And I am glad that the op-ed is now in their macro-advocacy tool kits.”

Below is a list of op-eds written by College of Social Work graduate students that were published during the fall 2023 semester (organized by date):

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Last Updated: 12/20/23