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The College of Social Work assesses a per-credit-hour differential tuition charge for graduate programs. This differential tuition charge is IN ADDITION to the regular graduate tuition charge. Differential tuition offsets the costs of professional education and is used by all professional programs on campus. The University increases tuition rates beginning each summer semester, as determined by the Utah legislature and the Board of Regents.

Tuition is calculated per credit hour per semester. The tuition schedules show the cost of one semester of courses, so to get an estimate of the total tuition cost for the program, multiply the average credit hours per semester by the amount of semesters of the program.

If you have questions about your state residency status, visit the University of Utah Office of Admissions Residency FAQs, or contact them directly at 801-581-8761 option #5.

Tuition Calculator

Last Updated: 1/4/23