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BSW Scholarships

Applicants to and students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work Program at the University of Utah College of Social Work are encouraged to apply for these scholarships.

Alumni Scholarship

In 1982, alumni of the College of Social Work established a 50th Anniversary Endowment to fund an ongoing scholarship in the name of the Alumni Association. The scholarship is awarded each year to a CSW student who demonstrates leadership, contribution to the community, and commitment to the social work profession.

American Indian and Alaska Native Scholarships in Social Work

These scholarships were established in 1970 to support students of Alaska Native and American Indian ethnicity. These social work scholarships are made possible through a number of funding sources, including the University of Utah President’s Office; Tribal Nations and Councils; practicum agencies; the Indian Health Service; Bureau of Indian Affairs; and the Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For details, please contact Bethany Bingham at 801-581-5571 or

Burt Annin Child Welfare Scholarship

Norma Harris created this annual scholarship in 2016 and began endowing it in 2018 in memory of her friend Burt Annin, an attorney and trainer at the Child Welfare League of America. The award is intended to support BSW and MSW students interested in pursuing a career in child welfare social work. Strong preference is given to Title IV-E students.

Bordenave Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Jeannine Bordenave, a 1981 MSW graduate, in memory of her mother, Lucille Bordenave. The award is made to a deserving student who has excelled academically, who is in need of financial assistance, and who meets the University’s definition of a nontraditional student.

Louise Browning Scholarship Fund

Louise Browning was a respected faculty member and inspirational mentor at the College of Social Work for many years. The Browning Scholarship provides financial support to a deserving student in the College of Social Work who demonstrates need.

Gisella and Dan Chace Scholarship

College of Social Work alumna and social justice advocate Gisella Chace, along with her husband Dan, have contributed to annual scholarships for social work students since 2014, and officially established the Gisella and Dan Chace Scholarship in 2020. They focus on supporting students invested in working with immigrant and refugee communities. As an immigrant herself, Gisella appreciates the challenges that face hard-working, caring, and determined individuals who seek to make a better life for themselves and others.

Community Advisory Board Scholarship

The College of Social Work’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) initiated this annual scholarship in 2014. The scholarship is comprised of contributions from current and former board members. A sub-committee of members is involved in the scholarship selection process; recipients can expect to be included in a fall board meeting where they will be introduced to all CAB members.

Daniels Martinez Endowed BSW Scholarship

This annual scholarship was established in 2010 by College of Social Work alumni Debra Daniels and Kai Medina-Martinez in support of a Bachelor of Social Work student from an under-represented group. Although the donors are graduates of the MSW Program, they were expressly interested in supporting a BSW student to recognize the importance of a bachelor’s degree and encourage the passion for service that motivates students seeking this degree. This scholarship was endowed in 2023.

E. Daniel and Margie Egbert American Indian Scholarship

In their decades of work at the College of Social Work, Dan and Marge Edwards dramatically improved educational opportunities for American Indians in Utah and across the country. This endowed scholarship for single American Indian parents ensures the continuation of their remarkable legacy. Preference will be given to MSW students, but BSW students will also be considered.

James C. & Lucile P. Hunter Scholarship

College of Social Work students interested in international, immigrant, and refugee issues are considered for this scholarship, which was endowed by Paul and Rosemarie Hunter in memory of James C. and Lucile P. Hunter. James and Lucile both had a high regard for education, Lucille teaching school all of her life and James reentering college after his retirement as a highway patrolman for the State of Utah. College of Social Work BSW, MSW, or PhD students with an interest in one or more of the previously mentioned areas and who demonstrate need are encouraged to apply

Hank Liese Scholarship

Colin Brown and Hank Liese were 15-year-old plebes together at Culver Military Academy in1964. A few decades later, upon Dean Liese’s retirement from the College of Social Work in 2017, Mr. Brown established a scholarship in his dear friend’s honor. This scholarship is a tribute to their friendship and their shared love of education. Dean Liese hopes it will provide support for social work students returning to school after careers in other fields, as he once did.

Edward Yukio Okazaki Memorial Scholarship

Family and friends established the Edward Yukio Okazaki Award in Edward's memory.  Over time this endowment has grown to support a scholarship as well.  It is given to a student who demonstrates achievement and promise in gerontology.

Patricia Rothermich Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Patricia Rothermich was known for her empathy, her understanding, and her compassion for her clients. Ms. Rothermich’s friends and family established this Memorial Scholarship in 2008 to honor her lifelong dedication to serving children and families. The scholarship is given to a BSW or MSW student who shares those interests.

Gilbert Teemley Smith Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Amanda Barusch established this scholarship in honor of her father, Gilbert Teemley Smith.  The award supports first-generation College of Social Work graduate and undergraduate students, particularly those with a strong commitment to serving the Mexican-American community.

Georgia Willey Snyder Scholarship

Georgia Snyder Knight established this endowed scholarship in 1997 in memory of her mother, Georgia Willey Snyder, Professor Emeritus at the CSW. Professor Snyder was a member of the faculty for 28 years, beginning in 1953. The award is given to a student who demonstrates need and displays outstanding promise, interest, and academic excellence in the field of social work.

Suazo Social Justice Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor the late Senator Pete Suazo. Senator Suazo dedicated his life to furthering the cause of social and economic justice for all people. The College of Social Work and the Suazo family are proud to provide this scholarship to a full-time student who has financial need and who demonstrates a strong commitment to and leadership potential in issues of social and economic justice.

Helen Tsai Scholarship

Elizabeth Tsai made a scholarship contribution in January 2015 in honor of her sister, Helen.  Elizabeth explained Helen received scholarships in support of her education that enabled her to find a good job and support Elizabeth in her own quest for a degree.  Elizabeth was proud to recognize and thank her sister by supporting future social workers that year, and has continued to provide scholarship each year since.

Maurice & Inez Warshaw Scholarship

The late Maurice Warshaw, noted Salt Lake philanthropist and civic leader, established this scholarship through an endowment in his will. The Warshaw Scholarship is awarded annually to social work students based on merit and need. Founder and chairman of the board of Grand Central Stores, Mr. Warshaw focused much of his philanthropy and community service on disability rights and issues. The Warshaw Scholarship was expanded by the family and friends following the death of Inez Warshaw in 1998.

Julia M. Watkins Endowed Scholarship

Following two years of generously supporting annual scholarships for social work students, College of Social Work alumna Dr. Julia Watkins, along with her husband Dr. Dennis A. Watkins, established this endowed scholarship in 2021 with a gift from the Dennis A. and Julia M. Watkins Foundation. The Julia M. Watkins Endowed Scholarship supports deserving students in the BSW, MSW, or PhD programs who have demonstrated financial need.

Chris Wellington and Beryl Peters Mental Health Scholarship

Chris Wellington values the care social workers provide to those with mental health challenges—so much so that in 2017 she created a scholarship for BSW and MSW students who intend to work in this area. Ms. Wellington also chose to honor her long-time friend Beryl Peters, who supported the idea of this scholarship and whose estate gift helped make it possible.


Last Updated: 12/11/23