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COVID-19 Impact on Field Education

Dear Summer Semester Field Students:

All of us at the College of Social Work hope you and your families are staying healthy during this stressful time.  

We will provide information and updates on this site. Please know that leadership in field education, advising, MSW/BSW leadership, the Dean’s office and the University of Utah are meeting regularly to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our students, our programs and our educational mission.  Accordingly, as exigent circumstances change, policies may change as well, so please check back regularly.   While there are still many unknowns, what we do know will be provided below… and what we find out, we will add.

We realize that circumstances are challenging, and that the lack of predictive and concrete information only compounds our sense of helplessness and uncertainty.  If you are struggling, please contact the University of Utah Counseling Center for guidance and support, or access self-help tips here Coping with COVID-19.

Student Information

General Updates

Licensing exams

  • We encourage students to stay on top of ASWB updates. Please reach out to ASWB directly with questions regarding licensing exams. Utah is one of handful of states where ASWB does the exam pre-approvals, so it is important that in any communications with ASWB (written or verbal), you indicate that you are applying as a prospective licensee from Utah.

45-day waiver to practice without a CSW license

  • The 45-day waiver to work without a CSW license remains the same. Students have 45 days from the last day of classes (April 21st) to take the exam and apply for a CSW license. This means you can practice without your CSW until June 5th We realize that ASWB cancelled testing dates thru mid-April, but the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) will not be extending the 45-day waiver. Please direct your questions and/or concerns to DOPL.
    • bottom line  >>  you can continue practicing without your CSW until June 5th, please direct questions or concerns to DOPL.

Summer Semester Students


University of Utah College of Social Work moves to online course format through summer semester

  • All summer semester courses at the University of Utah will be held entirely online, this includes all social work classes , field practicum and practicum seminar.

All summer semester social work practicum must be done remotely via telemental health

  • All summer social work practicums will need to be done remotely. This means you cannot present in-person to your practicum agency.
  • We recognize that it may be challenging completing required hours using remote/teletherapy technologies. In response to this challenge, CSWE and the College of Social Work have developed dozens of alternative assignments. If needed, please collaborate with your assigned agencies to develop a plan to complete relevant assignments, document the number of hours required to complete the assignments and submit to your field instructor and practicum coordinator using this cover sheet.


Reduced field hours for Summer Semester Students

  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, CSWE has reduced the required hours for field education, assuming competencies are met. What this means for University of Utah summer social work students:

BSW students

BSW minimum hours for summer: 340
ASUDC/BSW minimum hours for summer: 350 hours


MSW students

Year I minimum hours for summer: 300
Year II minimum hours for summer: 315-465 hours*

*765 TOTAL (first and second year combined) minimum hours required to meet graduation requirements if graduating from the MSW program by 5/31/2020, a return to a minimum of 900 hours will likely be required thereafter.

Students: you must monitor your own hours and make sure that you meet the CSWE MINIMUM of 765 hours to graduate in fall 2020 OR spring 2021, 900 hours if graduating thereafter. Please do not expect the field office to do this for you!


Advanced Standing Students

If graduating by the end of summer semester OR spring semester 2021: 365 hours for summer semester*

*From CSWE: If an MSW student has a BSW degree from an accredited program, the 400 hours the student completed for the BSW degree counts toward the 900 hours (or 765 hours until May 31, 2021) required for the MSW program. Thus, an advanced standing MSW student may complete a minimum of 365 hours under the field hour reduction option. HOWEVER, IF you completed 340 hours as BSW student during the spring or summer 2020, you may need to complete 560 hours during your Advanced Standing practicum. A minimum of 900 hours may be required to graduate AFTER 5/31/2021


Please note that while CSWE, the University of Utah College of Social Work and the Utah Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) will temporarily allow social work students to complete 85% of the required practicum hours through May 31, 2021, some states outside of Utah may require more practicum hours in order to be eligible for licensure. Therefore, if you complete fewer than 900 practicum hours and plan to be licensed outside of Utah, please review the requirements for the state(s) in which you plan to apply for licensure. You can do this by contacting the state’s social work licensing board. A summary of requirements and state licensing boards can be accessed through the ASWB regulation database.



Additional Resources:

Last Updated: 5/22/20