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Two-Year Full-Time MSW Online Program

The application for this program will be open August 1-October 15 for the program beginning the following summer.

Application Deadline: October 15, each year

Admission decisions announced no later than February 15, each year





Credit Hours


1 Area of Focus

Mental Health in Social Work



First-year courses are generalist courses.

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

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The minimum requirements to apply are a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university, a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and completion of the MSW prerequisites.



Only the Mental Health Area of Focus is available for students in the MSW Online Program. This does not limit the areas in which students can fulfill their practicum requirements.

The program begins during fall semester, which typically begins the third week of August.

Courses are offered entirely online and will follow the same course sequence as the campus-based Two-Year Full-Time MSW Program. Coursework may not extend beyond MSW and University deadlines and must be completed as indicated in the Two-Year MSW Online Program course checklist. Online courses are mainly asynchronous; however, some courses may require a very limited number of synchronous sessions that are facilitated via Zoom. Each weekly online module has structured learning materials, assignments, and due dates. Our online courses combine the flexibility of online learning while maintaining the benefits of regular engagement with classmates and instructors as you work together to meet course objectives.

Practicum is completed in person on weekdays in your geographical area. The majority of practicum placements are during normal business hours. Therefore, evening/weekend opportunities are likely to be limited.

You do not need to find your own practicum placement. You will work with a University of Utah practicum coordinator to select a suitable placement with an agency in your general geographical area.

Agencies must meet strict requirements to provide MSW students with the learning opportunities and supervision needed to acquire national Council on Social Work Education competencies. Your University of Utah practicum coordinator can explore whether a particular agency can be contracted with our MSW program.

No. Students admitted to the MSW Online Program must complete all courses outlined online. They may not mix and match online and on-campus courses or switch between programs.

Unfortunately, certificate programs are not available to students enrolled in the MSW Online Program.

Unfortunately, dual degree programs are not available to students enrolled in the MSW Online Program.

Students are not permitted to switch between the online MSW program and other MSW program options.


Last Updated: 3/14/24