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Dual Degree
Master of Social Work
and Juris Doctor











The MSW/JD Program allows students to develop specialties in social work and law. Students enrolled in the dual degree program may count up to 12 credit hours of College of Law coursework toward fulfilling the 60 credit-hour requirement of the MSW degree and may count up to 12 credit hours of MSW coursework toward fulfilling the 88-credit-hour requirement of the JD degree over a period of four years, instead of five years, if taking each program individually.

Upon completion of both programs, the student earns two separate degrees: A JD degree awarded by the College of Law and an MSW degree awarded by the College of Social Work. Both degrees are conferred at the same time even if requirements are completed for one before the other.


A student completing courses as indicated below should be able to satisfy both degree requirements in four years. The program will reduce approximately 24 credits (one full-time year) from completing a two-year MSW program and a three-year JD program separately.

Program Dual Degree Required Course Hours
Social Work 48 (Normally 60 credit hours)
Law 76  (Normally 88 credit hours)
Total Program Hours 124 (Saves 24 semester credit hours)

Year 1: College of Law first year courses 30 credits 
Year 2: College of Social Work foundation courses (including practicum) 30 credits 
Years 3 & 4: Completion of College of Law requirements and advanced Social Work classes


Students who wish to complete a dual degree must apply to and be accepted by both programs during the same application cycle in order to begin their dual degree program.

Admission/acceptance into one program does not guarantee admission/acceptance into the other.

Dual degree programs are not available to students enrolled in the MSW Online Program.

It is recommended that prospective students meet with the Associate Director for Admissions and Financial Aid in the College of Law prior to applying. Contact information as well as how to schedule a visit can be found on the College of Law’s website.

Last Updated: 3/24/22