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Naomi SilverstoneNaomi Silverstone
Faculty from 1981 - 2016


Naomi’s career integrated “outside the box” approaches to teaching and learning while simultaneously honoring the traditions and structure of an academic institution.  Embracing the strengths of both left-brain science and right brain/heart wisdom has led her on a deep and merry journey of seeking to embody these two inescapable poles of the human condition. Retirement has allowed her the freedom to lean into the gradual shift of living from “role” to living from “soul,” as one scholar of the aging process describes these bonus years. She continues to explore the dance of life in all its polarities with gratitude and hope, acknowledging the wisdom of the full translation of the Hebrew word “Yadah,” (to know) as the unification of thought, feeling, and action, a worthy description, as well, of the social work profession.


  • DSW 1991 - University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work
  • MA 1972 - University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration
  • Urban Planning 1967 - Harvard University
  • BA 1966 - Connecticut College
  • Exchange Student 1964-1965 - Howard University

Research Interests

Health, mental health, mind-body-spirit explorations, social justice

Curriculum Vitae

Last Updated: 1/28/22