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Hank LieseHank Liese
Faculty from 1993 - 2017


After a 12-year career in public relations, I returned to graduate school at UC Berkeley, intending only to receive my MSW degree and become a psychotherapist. After one semester in the MSW program, I applied and was accepted into the combined MSW/Ph.D. program. This focused my attention on a career in academia, and I joined the faculty at the of University of Utah's College of Social Work in 1993. My research and teaching at the CSW were accompanied by a series of administrative positions, including Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Ph.D. Program Director, Associate Dean, and Dean.


  • 1971 - Stanford University, BA, Psychology
  • 1985 - University of California, Berkeley, MSW
  • 1990 - University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D.

Research Interests

Disabilities, documentary studies, human rights, social justice

Curriculum Vitae

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