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Social Justice Advocacy

This certificate in social justice advocacy includes several approaches through multidisciplinary coursework.  This will give students a broad range of knowledge and options in how to strive for and achieve equity and change.  This certificate will give individuals education that focuses on the opportunities to use a combination of multiple approaches to get to change and social justice, providing the individual with varying degrees of skills where one may feel competent and able to actively address the issues of inequality and inequity.

Social Justice Advocacy Certificate Declaration of Intent



Required Core Courses (Complete 3)

  • SW3550 Social Diversity and Cultural Understanding (4 Credits) (DV)
  • ENVST3365 Environmental Justice (3 Credits) (DV, CEL) (Pre-reqs waived for certificate students - complete a permission code request form:
  • SW5535 Social Justice Advocacy Techniques and Skills (3 Credits) (Capstone course) (Pre-req SW3550) NOTE: Only offered Spring Semester

Global Understandings (Choose one course):

  • SW4100 Global Community-Based Research (3 Credits) (IR)
  • PHIL3640 World Religions (3 Credits) (HF, IR)
  • PHIL3730 Justice and International Affairs (3 Credits) (IR)
  • PRT3610 The Global Citizen: Responsible Travel and International Life (3 Credits) (IR)
  • CLCS3960 Cultures in Contact (1-3) (Pre-req: 2020 language course or equivalent)
  • GEOG1400 Human Geography (3 Credits) (BF)
  • THEA1760 American Political Theatre (3 Credits) (DV, FF)
  • POLS2200 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 Credits) (BF)
  • POLS3010 Democratic Theory (3 Credits)
  • POLS3680 Globalization and World Politics (3 Credits (IR)
  • POLS3700 Urban Politics (3 Credits)

Dynamics of Power (Choose one course):

  • COMM3030 Communication and Social Responsibility ( 3 Credits) (HF, CW)
  • WRTG3870 Writing as Social Practice (3 Credits) (HF)
  • WRTG4890 Writing, Persuasion, and Power (3 Credits)
  • CMP4260 Land, Law, and Culture (3 Credits) (CW)
  • SOC3650 Population and Society (3 Credits) (IR, QI)
  • GNDR3635 The Price of Gender (3 Credits) (QI)
  • ENTP2030 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 Credits)
  • ENGL3600 Introduction to Critical Theory (3 Credits) (CW) (Pre-Reqs ENGL 3850 or 2600)

Communication with Stakeholders (Choose one course):

  • COMM1270 Analysis of Argument (3 Credits) (QB, HF)
  • COMM5200 Persuasion and Political Communication (3 Credits)
  • ETHNC5800 Theories and Research on Social Inequality (3 Credits)
  • CSD4600 Diverse Populations with Communication Needs (3 Credits) (DV)


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