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Leadership, Justice, and Community Practice*


Many professional social workers perform administrative duties and engage leadership within a few years of graduation from supervision to budgeting to program development and evaluation. This interdisciplinary graduate certificate offers students the opportunity to develop advanced skills in community engagement, advocacy and social justice, and organizational administration. This certificate prepares students to accept leadership roles in partnership with agencies and communities with a focus on facilitating changes that promote social justice.




Students take nine credit hours of required courses:

  • SW6800 – Social Justice Seminar: Engaging Organizations and Communities in Social Change (3) (Offered in Fall Semester Only)
  • PADMN6550 – Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations (3)
  • PADMN6965 – Special Topics in Public Administration (3)

In addition, six credit hours of elective courses are chosen from the following:

  • CMP6030 - Leadership and Community Engagement (3)
  • MGT6780 - Non-Profit Consulting (3)
  • FCS6700 - Analyzing Community Growth: An Evidence-based Approach (3)
  • FCS6730 - Community Development & Environmental Change (3)
  • PADMN6323 - Policy Analysis (3)
  • PADMN6340 - Organizational Productivity and Change (3)
  • PADMN6360 Public HRM (3)
  • PADMN6380 - Public Budgeting and Finance (3)
  • PADMN6525 - Engaging Volunteers in Public & Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • PADMN6540 - Nonprofit Advocacy (3)
  • PADMN6563 - Program and Policy Evaluation (3)
  • PADMN6570 - Management of Nonprofit Organizations (3)
  • SW6352 - Global Issues in Women's Health (3)
  • SW6623 - Advocacy and PR Skills for Social Workers (3)
  • Additional select SW electives may count toward this certificate; please consult with academic advisor.

Note: Though the total credit hour requirement for this certificate is 15 credit hours, only a limited amount of credit hours taken outside of the MSW Program will count toward the MSW degree.

Leadership Certificate Declaration of Intent


Students outside of the College of Social Work as well as non-matriculated students are welcome to complete this certificate.

An application for admission to this graduate certificate must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited college or university
  • An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0

*Unfortunately, certificate programs are not available to students enrolled in the MSW Online Program.


Visit our Academic Advising page for more information.

Last Updated: 6/13/24