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Core BSW Courses

49-51 required credits in social work courses including practicum or internship

Courses must be taken in proper sequence for accreditation standards

BSW elective list




BSW Program Pre-Major Required Courses

  • SW1010 Social Work and Social Welfare*
  • PSY1010 General Psychology or PSY1011 (Honors version)*
  • SOC1010 Intro to Sociology*
  • POLS1100 US National Government or HONOR2212*
  • WRTG2010, HONOR2211, or other WR2 equivalent course
  • MATH1030 or other QA equivalent course
  • General Education requirements met



*Students will need to earn at least a C in these courses and have completed the courses within the last ten years to fulfill the requirement.



BSW Required Course List - 49-51 total credits

Course Credits Description
SW2100 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 Description
SW3000 Applied Social Work Statistics 4 Description
SW3110 Social Work Practice 1: Individuals and Families 3 Description
SW3400 Developmental Impact of Child Abuse and Neglect  3 Description
SW3550 Social Diversity and Cultural Understanding 4 Description
SW3710 Case Management for Social Workers 3 Description
SW4000 Crisis Intervention 3 Available Soon
SW4301 Social Welfare Policy 3 Description
SW4401 Social Work Research and Evaluation 3 Description
SW4430 Social Work Practice 2: Groups  3 Description
SW4440 Social Work Practice 3: Communities and Organizations  3 Description
SW4702 Social Work Practicum  12 Description
SW4782 Social Work Practicum Seminar  1 Description
SW Elective 2-4 Electives List

 Download the Course Checklist



Sample 4 Year Plan

Note: This is just a sample. Log into My Degree Dashboard (in CIS) and meet with your academic advisor to fit a program of study with your academic record.


First Year 

Fall Semester Credits
SW1010 3
SOC1010 3
General Education - WR2 3
General Education - QA  3
General Education - HF  3
Total Hours: 15
Spring Semester Credits
POLS1100 3
General Education - FF 3
General Education - HF 3
General Education - SF/AS  3
Bach. Degree - IR 3
Total Hours: 15


Second Year 

Fall Semester Credits
PSY1010 4
SW3000 4
General Education - SF 3
General Education - FF  3
General Electives 2
Total Hours: 16
Spring Semester Credits
SW2100 3
SW3110 3
SW3550 4
SW3710  3
Bach. Degree - CW 3
Total Hours: 16


Third Year 

Fall Semester Credits
SW4000 3
SW4430 3
SW4440 3
General Electives  7
Total Hours: 16
Spring Semester Credits
SW3400 3
SW4301 3
SW4401 3
General Electives 7
Total Hours: 16


Fourth Year 

Fall Semester Credits
General Electives 13
Required SW Elective 3
Total Hours: 16
Spring Semester Credits
SW4702 12
SW4782 1
Total Hours: 13



Last Updated: 8/24/22