Name/Title Contact Information Research Interests
Troy Andersen Associate Professor/Lecturer  (801) 587 9648 SW 206   troy.andersen@hsc.utah.edu  Alzheimer’s disease, progressive neurologic disease, aging, health, rural health care
Amanda Barusch Professor, Director of the MSW Program (801) 581 7585 SW 333 amanda.barusch@socwk.utah.edu  Human Behavior, Aging, Policy Research, Grant Writing
Joanna Bettmann Schaefer Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (801) 587 7600 SW 108  joanna.schaefer@socwk.utah.edu Attachment, Treatment Outcomes, Wilderness Therapy, Residential Treatment
Jerry Buie Assistant Professor/Lecturer (801) 587 5234 SW 332 jerry.buie@socwk.utah.edu  Correctional Social Work, LGBTQ Populations, Social Work and Spirituality
Rob Butters Assistant Professor (801) 585 3246 SW 314 
Forensic Social Work, Sexual Abuse, Meta-Analysis, Community-Based Research, Technology in Social Work
Kara Byrne Research Assistant Professor (801) 581 4858 SW 124  kara.byrne@utah.edu Macro Practice, Critical Participatory Action Research (CPAR), Housing/Eviction/Mobility, Program Evaluation (Campus Community-Partnerships, Collective Impact, Child Welfare)
 Jason Castillo Associate Professor, Director BSW Program  (801) 585 9592 SW 324 jason.castillo@socwk.utah.edu Social Welfare Policy and Community Organizations
Gabriela Cetrola Assistant Professor / Lecturer (801) 581 8847 SW 332
Yvette Gonzalaez-Coronado Assistant Professor / Lecturer (801) 581-4711 SW 328A
Matthew Davis Associate Professor  (801) 581 5738 SW 124 
 Program evaluation, juvenile justice, innovative training methods for mental health practitioners
Mark de St. Aubin Associate Professor/Lecturer

 (801) 581 8901 SW 326  mark.destaubin@socwk.utah.edu

 Social Work in health care, interdisciplinary Social Work
David Derezotes Professor  (801) 585 3546 SW 305 dderezotes@socwk.utah.edu  Ecobiosychosocial-spiritual Well Being, Implications of Emerging Science and Technology, Mental Health Practice, Dialogue in Local and Global Community
 Caren J. Frost Research Professor, Director CRMRI  (801) 581 5287 SW 208 caren.frost@socwk.utah.edu Refugee Women’s Health, Physical and Nutritional Fitness in Youth, Behavioral Aspects of Breast Cancer, Qualitative Research Methods, Ethics in Research
Eric Garland Professor, Associate Dean for Research, Director C-MIIND (801) 581 3826 SW 275  eric.garland@socwk.utah.edu  Mindfulness-based Interventions, Clinical Research and Treatment of Stress-related Conditions (e.g., addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer), Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Medicine, Translational Research using Cognitive Neuroscience Methods, Resilience, Positive Psychology, and Meaning-making
Ruth Gerritsen-McKane Associate Professor/Lecturer, Director Field Ed. BSW Program  (801) 585 3162 SW 327 ruth.gerritsen-mckane@socwk.utah.edu Empowering Minority Populations, Collaboration Research, Professional Development
Christina Gringeri Professor, Director PhD Program  (801) 581 4864 SW 315 christina.gringeri@socwk.utah.edu Qualitative Research, Feminist Research, Social Support for Low Income Women and Families, International Service Learning, Social Policy, Religion/Spirituality in Social Change
Adam Hanley Research Assistant Professor (801) 213 4191 SW 267
Clinical research and treatment of chronic pain and addiction, Mindfulness based interventions, Resilience and posttraumatic growth, Well-being, positive emotionality, and human flourishing, Altered states of self, including self-transcendence, self-extension, and nondual awareness, Psychometrics and scale development
Rodney W. Hopkins Research Assistant Professor (801) 585 6881 SW 120 
 Substance Abuse Prevention
Charles Hoy-Ellis Assistant Professor  (801) 585 0835 SW 311
 Well-being of LGBTQ populations. Understanding and addressing the social determinants of population health disparities and downstream bio-psycho-social-spiritual-behavioral issues among marginalized groups.
Rosemarie Hunter Associate Professor  (801) 972 3620 SW 312  r.hunter@socwk.utah.edu  Campus-community Partnerships, Community Practice and Capacity-building 
Jeremiah Jaggers Assistant Professor (801) 581 7644 SW 307
Tasha Keyes Assistant Professor  (801) 587 7791 SW 306 
School social work, creating classroom contexts that promote belonging and academic engagement, transition to high school and college, college match, social emotional learning, noncognitive factors, Native American students and communities 
Richard Landward Assistant Professor/Lecturer  (801) 585 4298 SW 225 
Combat related PTSD, Mindfulness, Community Schools 
Brad Lundahl Associate Professor  (801) 581 4570 SW 224 
Motivational Interviewing, meta-analyses, and parent training 
Trinh Mai Associate Professor/Lecturer, Director MSW Field Education (801) 581 4259 SW 325  trinh.mai@socwk.utah.edu  Practicum Instruction, Clinical Social Work, Immigrant/acculturation Issues 
 Chad McDonald Research Assistant Professor/UT Title IV-E Training/DCFS Employee Program Coordinator (801) 581 6155 SW 125  Chad.McDonald@utah.edu  Trauma-Informed Systems in child welfare, Cross-section of Supervisory Support, Transfer of Learning, and Implementation Science Drivers, Child Welfare training curricula, Evidence-based practice in child welfare, Professional and Organizational Competence of child welfare agencies 
Dena Ned Associate Professor/Lecturer  (801) 581 8902 SW 206  dena.ned@socwk.utah.edu  Native American Issues, Social Work Research, and Policy 
Sonya Martinez-Ortiz Assistant Professor / Lecturer (801) 585-9017 SW 328B
Philip Osteen Associate Professor, Director SRI (801) 581 8861 SW 130
Suicide intervention and prevention, mental health, psychometrics, advanced statistical analyses
Patrick Panos Associate Professor  (801) 671 5226 SW 313 patrick.panos@socwk.utah.edu  Distance Learning, International Social Work, Participatory Community-Based Research, Refugee Trauma, Cross-Cultural Mental Health 
Kort Prince Research Assistant Professor, Interim Director UCJC (801) 587-9947 SW 232 kort.prince@socwk.utah.edu  Criminal Justice, Research Design, Longitudinal/Multilevel Modeling, Structural Equation Modeling 
Larry Smith Professor  (801) 581 5103 SW 309 
Human Behavior, Health and Mental Health, Research 
 Scott Sorensen Associate Professor/Lecturer  (435) 586 1938 Cedar City 225L sorensen_s@suu.edu   Distance Learning Program, Rural Social Work
Michael Tanana Research Assistant Professor   (801) 585 9228 SW 119
Machine Learning/Deep Learning for the Behavioral Sciences, Statistical Methods, Interactive Data Visualization for Program Improvement 
Mary Jane Taylor Professor maryjane.taylor@socwk.utah.edu  Family and Children, Public Welfare, Evaluative Research 
Martell Teasley Professor, Dean (801) 581 6194 SW 109 martell.teasley@utah.edu  African American Adolescent Development, Diversity in Cultural Competence, Black Studies, School Social Work Practice 
Aster Tecle Assistant Professor  (801) 587 8473 SW 308 aster.tecle@socwk.utah.edu  Refugees and Immigrants, Forced Migration, Global Justice 
Mary Beth Vogel-Ferguson Research Associate Professor  (801) 581 3071 SW 126  marybeth.vogel-ferguson@socwk.utah.edu  Social Welfare Policy and Welfare Reform, Poverty Issues, University-Public Social Service Agency research partnerships, Program Evaluation
 Joanne Yaffe Professor  (801) 581 4829 SW 314 joanne.yaffe@utah.edu  Practitioner Utilization of Scientific Knowledge, Systematic Reviews of Intervention Research  
Jaehee Yi Associate Professor  (801) 585 7030 SW 310 jaehee.yi@socwk.utah.edu  Cancer Survivorship, Posttraumatic Stress and Growth, Cross-cultural Studies, Photovoice, Loss and Grief, Emerging Adulthood 
Last Updated: 11/13/18