Prisoner Reentry Project

Year 1: Prisoner Reentry Initiatives: Review of the literature and Reentry in Utah.

Study Dates: 2013

Study Description: This report provides an overview of promising reentry practices for adult, general offenders exiting prison and includes a systems assessments of current state of Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) reentry programs and processes.

Year 1 Report

Year 2: Parole, Re-incarceration, and Desistance: Utah Parolees

Study Date: 2014

Study Description: The current study complements the earlier literature review and survey of Utah reentry practices and is comprised of two parts. Part I provides a quantitative description for a cohort of Utah parolees, describing their demographic backgrounds, criminal history, and programmatic factors that predict parole violations and new criminal offenses. Part II, based on interviews with 50 Utah parolees, is a qualitative analysis of offenders’ experience returning to the community after release from prison. In particular, the qualitative portion of the study explores parolees’ perceptions of those things that foster and inhibit reintegration after incarceration.

Year 2 Executive Summary

Year 2 Report