Evaluation of the Chronic Homeless Services and Housing (CHSH) Project

Study Dates: 2011 – 2014
Study Description: In September of 2011, The Road Home received funding through a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant to develop, implement, and evaluate the Chronic Homeless Services and Housing (CHSH) project over the course of a three year period. The CHSH project was designed to fill existing gaps by providing resources and building relationships at the point of client contact, utilizing an interdisciplinary outreach team to deliver services, and staying close to the client at every point during the housing process. The goal of the CHSH project is to use a Housing First approach to stably house chronically homeless individuals who have been the most challenging to engage, have a history of substance abuse and/or mental illness, and who have not been successful in accessing existing permanent supportive housing (PSH). The Housing First model is often defined as an intervention in which housing resources are provided with no requirement or contingencies (e.g., abstinence or employment). The first part of the CHSH evaluation will involve tracking client characteristics, interventions, and outcomes and the second part will involve tracking the CHSH project’s collaborative efforts to develop, expand, and implement innovative, evidence-based services for the chronically homeless. Bi-annual Reports are posted below and a Final Report will be issued in Fall 2014.

Bi-Annual Reports:

April 2012

October 2012

April 2013

October 2013

April 2014

Final Report:

October 2014