PhD Financial Aid Overview

CSW Financial Aid and Scholarships
Funding Sources

The College of Social Work may have positions that qualify for tuition waivers to help the financing of doctoral studies. All students receiving the tuition benefit must meet minimum financial support requirements through the University of Utah for each semester that the benefit is received. Research and teaching assistantship opportunities are available and our PhD students find working in our research centers to be a critical career and scholarship enhancement. These centers sponsors grant-funded research and demonstration projects regarding such issues as HIV/AIDS, child welfare practice and cross-system reforms, juvenile and criminal justice reforms, the aged and mental health, the challenges faced by welfare families, substance involved families, and services for persons with disabilities.

The College of Social Work and the University’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships are the two primary sources for financial aid for our students. Assistance in the form of loans or work-study is available from various granting agencies and/or private donations, including federal, state, private, and Social Research Institute internships. Financial aid is not available to international students through government loans or stipends, nor does the College maintain a special international student fund. However, international students are considered for scholarships offered by the College. Additionally, a limited number of scholarships are available through the College of Social Work. The CSW Scholarship Application is online and must be submitted on or before March 15th to the CSW Admissions Office. Please visit the CSW Financial Aid and Scholarships page for links to FAQs and application instructions.

All financial aid, scholarship, and grant applicants must complete a need-analysis form (FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid). For more information regarding financial aid and the FAFSA, please contact the main campus Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at 801-581-6211 or 201 South 1460 East, Room 105, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9055.

Aside from work-related income, many students receive financial support at some time during their studies. We urge students to investigate all means of financial support. Students may find it useful to consult the reference librarian at a public library for assistance in locating fellowship, scholarship, and grant directories. Please click here for a partial list of the numerous grant and fellowship opportunities available outside of the College that offer funding for PhD students.

Last Updated: 12/21/18