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Current PhD Students



Abigail Anderson

Research Interest: LGBTQ youth level of functioning, self-harm, mood disorders, policies on national and state level that affect LGBTQ youth, macro influences.

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Karla Arroyo 

Research Interest: Domestic violence, sexual assault, immigration issues. 

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Anne Baker

Research Interest: Neuroimmune mechanisms of opioid-induced hyperalgesia and the extent to which mindfulness-based therapies may confer anti-inflammatory effects that protect against opioid-induced hyperalgesia.

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Allison O'Connor Blaine 

Research Interest: Evaluation design, outcome measurement, quantitative and mixed-methods analysis, child welfare, animal-assisted interventions, field education.

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Malisa Brooks

Malisa Brooks

Research Interest:

Posttraumatic stress disorder, military sexual trauma, assessment & treatment of trauma, suicide, veterans, gender-based violence, translational research, evidence-based interventions, factory analysis, measurement invariance, item response theory. 

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Aryana Bryan

Research Interest: Substance use disorders, trauma, severe and persistent mental illness and behavioral neuroscience. 

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Brian Droubay

Research Interest: Human sexuality and nonparaphilic problematic sexual behaviors, religion and mental health, clinical social work, moral emotions.

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Staci Ghneim 

 Research Interest: Issues in child welfare: technology, social entrepreneurship, international child protection, public policy.


Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons 

Research Interest:

Gender-based Violence; Sexual Exploitation; Technology-based Interventions; Health Communications; Global Health; Public Health; Macro Social Work; Behavioral Health.

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An Ha

Research Interest: Macro social work, community practice, community organizing and development, community capacity building and community based development. 

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Clinton Hardy

Research Interest: Coercive treatment for psychologically and behaviorally “at risk” adolescents, residential and community based treatment admission processes, involuntary adolescent populations. 



Elizabeth Hendrix

Research Interest: International development, refugee populations and human trafficking, evidence-based models for working with trauma-impacted populations, best practices in social work education. 

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Ujal Ibrahim

Research Interest:

Refugee integration and entrepreneurship, innovation, microenterprise development, social business, social entrepreneurship, and emerging economies.

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Natalie Lecy

Research Interest: Agency evaluation, brain research, refugees. 



Chad McDonald

Research Interest: Child Welfare Systems, Workforce Development, Enhanced Learning tools such as simulation labs and virtual reality.

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Misty McIntyre Goodsell

Research Interest: Sexual violence risk and prevention programming on campus, substance misusing mothers with children, welfare systems. 

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Candice Metzler

Research Interest: LGBTQ, therapeutic process and relationship with gender nonconforming clients. 

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Kristina Moleni

Research Interest: Pacific Islander students' success in higher education. 



Hanna Morzenti

Research Interest: Criminal justice, juvenile justice, developmental disabilities within criminal and juvenile justice, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), attitudinal change, highly polarized political topics, policy change. 

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Sarah Priddy Reese 

Research Interest: Mindfulness, opiod use, opiod misuse during pregnancy. 

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Michael Riquino

Research Interest: Nonsuicidal self-injury across the lifespan, with a particular focus on youth with marginalized identities, and integrating micro and macro approaches in social work practice.

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William Russell

Research Interest: Veterans and veteran mental health and transitional issues, military mental health issues. 



Christian Sarver

Research Interest: Criminal justice system, cessation of criminal offending, relationship between community supervision and offender change. 



Lindsay Shepard 

Research Interest: Program evaluation, evidence based practice, systematic reviews. 



Diana Strock -Lynskey

Research Interest: Disaster mental and behavioral health, responder experiences and post-disaster resilience. 



Leilani Taholo

Research Interest: Sex abuse and victims of DV treatment with Pacific Islander and Hispanic populations. Family group conferencing facilitation and restorative justice. Trauma work: Guide Imagery, TF-CBT, Relationship trauma repair, research trauma/FGC. 



Lizbeth Velazquez

Research Interest: School-to-Prison pipeline, restorative justice practices. 



Last Updated: 4/16/19